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About Camelot

Professional enterprise "whole ecosystem" strategic partner

Camelot Technology Co., Ltd.

Founded in Beijing in 1994, Camelot has been rooted in China, focusing on providing enterprise information technology services, digital solutions and services for large enterprises, as well as operation and maintenance services around the field of information technology and digital platforms. After years of transformation and development, with its all-round technical strength, international vision and advanced management concept, Colette has established professional industry solutions and large-scale enterprise digital technology and service capabilities, and has become a professional full ecosystem service strategic partner in the digital field of domestic enterprises. Camelot is committed to providing comprehensive IT services for large enterprises. While developing business continuously and stably, with the rapid development of IT technology and the continuous improvement of enterprise it demand, klaette continues to adjust its business model and enhance its service ability to provide comprehensive services close to customers. Camelot has established a "strategic partner" integrated service mode with key customers as the core, flexibly designed the cooperation mode according to the personality characteristics of each strategic customer, and organically integrated the advantageous service capabilities, improved the service level, and formed a unique market advantage.
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Through our delivery centers that radiates from top-tier cities in China, Camelot delivers its services globally via on-site, nearshore, and remote delivery networks. Benefited by rapid expansions of our delivery centers, we are capable of delivering high-quality and on-demand IT technical resources near and afar. In addition, our unique operations management capabilities enable and serve to meet the business requirements of our key clients.

  • Beijing
  • Dalian
  • Qingdao
  • Tokyo
  • Xi'an
  • Chengdu
  • Chongqing
  • Wuhan
  • Ma'anshan
  • Nanjing
  • Kunshan
  • Shanghai
  • Guangzhou
  • Shenzhen
  • Hong Kong
Camelot Operations Model
Camelot has a complete, scientific and flexible customer service operation system. Nationwide, focus on high-quality large-scale enterprise customers, establish a resource network and exclusive IT resource pool, and realize flexible matching and scheduling of IT resources across the country; with the city where the customer is located as the strategic center, establish an exclusive team to provide customers and employees with Personalized service and care, through a full range of service capabilities, create a standardized and stable operation system. And through agile operation capabilities, it helps "IT services move on demand"!

Capability Center

Our business lines are comprised of various mini-teams whereby each mini-team forms a capability center
Multiple capability centers are organized into various virtual capability centers for industry-specific application
Service teams are organized on-demand

Rapid Response, Flexible Service

Key account-focused; fully utilizes domain knowledge gained through best business practices and industry experience
Multi-dimensional delivery model that combines onsite, nearshore, and remote delivery centers for service delivery
Interconnected resource network enables scalable and highly available personnel organization, mobilization, and resource lock-in
Preference over local and integrated delivery resources

Standardization of Service and Performance

Incorporates customization elements on top of industry-standards such as CMMI-5 ISO 9001, and ISO 27001
Specialized delivery standard for each service model, including consulting, project implementation, resource services, and information security systems and so on
Monthly evaluation linked to performance and incentives; strong resource management system capable of continuous deployment of resources

Operations digitization, process visualization

Every business process involved in the delivery of our services is operated on the management system and monitored 24 hours per day, 365 days per year
Rich and visualized reporting for immediate feedback and decision support to our teams
Rapid response from all levels of management to project updates

Smart Enablement

Camelot’s operations management system incorporates many AI elements. For instance, our talent pool management system iTB2.0 has implemented smart resource pool management in multiple domains.

Historical Milestones(1994-so far)
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origin of name

Camelot symbolizes equality and the world. In legend, King Arthur has never been alienated by his knights on this round table. It is also on this round table that King Arthur and his knights developed the original chivalry code of conduct: courage, loyalty and self-control, loyalty to the monarch, humility to the weak, charity to the poor, and politeness to women. Later generations call this code of conduct chivalry, and Camelot castle is the cradle of chivalry.
Camelot advocates this kind of chivalry, and Camelot, a symbol of chivalry, has more tension through artistic processing. His courage to move forward shows the development momentum of modern enterprises. Over the years, the development of Colette's business has been affirmed by the industry and customers. The image of the group has not only resonated with large European and American companies, but also been highly appreciated.
Our Values

Our culture

be of two minds
Self motivated, tolerant and enterprising
Treat people sincerely and work creatively

Our vision

For customers all over the world
The best and most effective information technology service

Our goal

Build Camelot
The most powerful in China
Information technology service company

Our value

Provide learning for employees
Growing working environment
Provide customers with the best service
Achieve sustained returns for investors
Corporate Social Responsibility