Camelot Bolsters RRS Supply Chain Technology with Advanced Logistics Financial Management System

Published on:2021-12-29
Today, Camelot announces the successful launch of the logistics financial management for RRS Supply Chain Technology Co., LTD. ("RRS"), which will further advance and standardize RRS's management and operational efficiency as part of the greater digital transformation of the company.


RRS, the leading pioneer of logistics services provider under the Haier Group, is committed to building scenario-based logistics service provider based on the Internet of Things, community, and integrity. RRS provides full-chain comprehensive service in the logistics industry, including warehousing, inventory, configuration, packaging, maintenance, pick-up, delivery, as well as post-sale service.


RRS has been a key player in the logistics industry and achieved many remarkable results over the years. In 2018, RRS was awarded China's Famous Trademark. From 2019 to 2020, RRS was featured in "China's 500 Most Valuable Brands" by the World Brand Lab for two consecutive years. In 2020, RRS reached ¥42 billion in brand value alone.

RRS led a strong investment in its enterprise management systems in part to keep up with the ever-evolving changes in the industry but also to continuously adopt new management standards and improve operational efficiency by using IT technology.

The subject logistics financial management system (hereinafter, "FMS") project stems from RRS' management to continuously review and improve requirements. The system actively summarizes problems or issues at the daily financial management level, formulates performance improvement plans, and finally implements them. Since the financial management system serves as the backbone of other related business management systems, digital transformations such as this project significantly improve RRS' operational efficiency and user experience.

Camelot participated in the successful launch ceremony after having been involved in the development and implementation of the system as well as being a strategic partner of RRS for many years on information, digital, and intelligence transformation projects.

The primary focus of the system is to improve the financial management process, especially in the revenue and cost processes, from the system level. Many front-end operation processes in the ERP were migrated to the more flexible and modular FMS. In turn, the FMS improves scalability for future business needs. The data exchange center, based on FMS, provides the accuracy of financial management and reporting data and includes an analytics module for financial forecasting.

The successful launch not only paves a way for digital management and transformation but is also tailored to the logistics industry's specific domain knowledge coupled with RRS' management expertise, all enabled by Camelot's team of experienced implementation consultants, system architects, and engineers.

Specific system capabilities include:

1. Customized dashboard and reporting interface (format, form, and data list)

2. Deployment of data micro-services to ensure 99.99% stability of the system

3. Functional modularity, feasibility to scale to new business requirements, and reduce the error rate

4. Distributed database and table platform reduces storage costs and supports financial data queries on the billion-per-second level

5. System and personnel costs significantly reduced

6. Use of open-source technologies for cost-saving upgrades in the future

Camelot has a significant presence in informatization and digital reinvention projects involving large enterprises domestically, where it has cultivated a plethora of proven solutions and patterns tailored to various verticals. In this project, the Camelot team worked with RRS management to design and build a new FMS:


The Camelot solutions team has discovered that rapid informatization and digital implementation, business expansion, and change led to multiple and complex business systems within an enterprise, which in turn divergence of financial data sources used by these systems. Although each functional module is relatively independent, financial data becomes scattered and isolated. In this context, it becomes increasingly challenging for managers to obtain accurate and consistent management reports. As a result, the solutions team sought to propose a unified financial data management system that is consistent with financial accounting data.



Modular Design:


For instance, design and development of core and extensible modules in the FMS to meet the demands of management and operations.


The Camelot solutions team believes that digital reinvention projects like this significantly improve the scalability and operations efficiency by extracting out the heavy-lifting financial module typically positioned in traditional ERP systems.

Camelot can contribute the resource and expertise to help enterprises to actualize enterprise informatization and digitalization, and most importantly, return on IT investments.