Camelot Welcomes Visit of Officials from Haidian District

Published on:2021-12-29
April 21, 2021: Camelot welcomes officials from the Haidian District Financial Office and Zhongguancun Science City Industrial Service First Department to review and provide guidance. Participants from Camelot include Wang Shouhu, General Manager and Executive President of Camelot; Jacob Qian, Chief Operating Officer of Camelot; Yao Song; Chief Financial Officer of Camelot; and Qin Bing, manager of the marketing at Camelot. The two parties conducted in-depth discussions and analyses on the company's development, plans, and current challenges and opportunities. 


Wang Shouhu, General Manager and Executive President of Camelot, opened the discussion by introducing the Company's development history, status, and plan to the visiting officials. Since its establishment in Beijing in 1994, Camelot has been focusing on providing comprehensive IT services for large enterprises. Camelot has deployed and established capability centers (including ITO and BPO) in more than fifteen cities or regions at home and abroad. At the same time, Camelot has established a full spectrum of service capabilities in four major areas, including information technology outsourcing (ITO), business process outsourcing (BPO), IT solution services, and strategic collaboration services, to provide customers with highly customized services, strategic cooperation, and IT services. In more advanced fields, Camelot has comprehensively deployed new technologies such as the Internet, digitization, cloud technology, and artificial intelligence, and has established service capabilities for enterprise digital transformation, Internet transformation, and artificial intelligence  transformation.



"With strategic customers as the core, Camelot provides a comprehensive, flexible, and personalized strategic partner cooperation model according to the characteristics of each strategic customer's ecosystem, and organically integrates several major areas with advantages to improve customer satisfaction. As a result, Camelot occupies a competitive market position," Mr. Wang highlighted Camelot's cooperation model of "strategic partner" integration strategy.

When it comes to future development plans, Mr. Wang believes "SaaS transformation is trending among IT enterprises and we are building customized and targeted solutions specific to different verticals. For instance, banking and insurance institutions will transform based on domain characteristics, national regulatory policies, as well as security requirements."


Jacob Qian, Chief Operating Officer of Camelot, discussed opportunities and challenges that modern IT enterprises face from the perspective of operations. "I hope to further strengthen the collaboration and collaborative exchange with governmental departments to learn and obtain more policy guidance to support our growth and development.



The Haidian officials of various departments conducted an in-depth discussion with Camelot management on the future development and prospects of IT-related projects.

The officials expressed their gratitude to Camelot for its efforts in promoting the technological and economic development of the Haidian District. "We thank Camelot for its continued contribution in the field of IT services and presence in Haidian," the official of the informatization department said. Nearing the conclusion of the meeting, the officials expressed that they will continue to strengthen their contact with Camelot and provide any guidance necessary to help Camelot align with national development policies.



Mr. Wang, on behalf of the Company, expressed his heartfelt appreciation to the officials for their visit and support. "Camelot is in the leading position to seize the opportunity to create business growth as part of the regional economic development in IT services and technology," concluded Mr. Wang.